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Best Places for Fishing Holidays Abroad

Fishing in Canada

The global nature of the world and how we can now fly across the seas almost as an after thought means that us fishing fanatics now have the opportunity to literally consider fishing in any and every corner of the world. This means the chance to try various forms of fishing and in some quite stunning locations worldwide. Whether you want to go surf-casting, take a deep sea cruise, or fish in freshwater lakes and streams, many options are now practical options for the hobbyist who seeks a fishing holiday abroad. Where can you find the best spots in the world? Following are five premium fishing locations I personally recommend.

Montyauk Point, New York, USA

Montyaul Point is a national park beach resort located at the eastern tip of Long Island and many people consider this the best place in the world for surf-casting. The ocean in this location teems with tuna, weakfish, cod, great white shark, striped bass, marlin, and mackerel. If you are travelling with your family you can also combine the other numerous attractions in Montauk, which your own escape to the fishing areas. For the family other tourist attractions include the Montyaul Point Lighthouse (the oldest lighthouse in the state of New York) and Camp Hero State Park. As a fisher, the best time to go is between November and April, when there are fewer tourists and it is the height of the fishing season.

The Seychelles

This is a country composed of more than one hundred tropical islands and is situated just to the east of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. With its fabulous white sand beaches, crystal clear oceans, and lack of crowds, it is a popular place for as a location and niche tourist area in the form of fishing tourists. These islands are the best place to catch bone-fish and white coral flats and with the added benefit of a year round fishing season. If the combination of fishing and followed by some lazy days on an exotic beach appeal to you, the Seychelles is a fantastic choice. In some areas fishing is banned and tag and release is popular in many areas of the country thus it can be worth checking the regulations for the specific area you plan to fish in. Company’s such as Fly Odyssey who specialise in fishing holidays, offer salt water fishing between the months of November and March (recommended bait: 8 weight rods for bonefish; 10 for permit/tarpon and 12 weight rods for tarpon fishing.

Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada

If you enjoy fishing trout, Labrador is an excellent choice. During the short summer season the trout stocks grow to enormous sizes and numbers in this region. Labrador is perhaps the best option if you really love nature in addition to fishing, given that this area also provides you with the chance to enjoy other activities including boat tours, bird watching, camping and iceberg viewing. Fishing season in coastal waters is year round whilst you can check locally if the season is open for various types of fish, in smaller streams and locations in the area. This site provides some handy information on fishing in Newfoundland which you might find additionally helpful if considering this area for a fishing trip.

Itchen and Test Rivers, England

If culture and fishing are your cup of tea and if you are not bothered with plenty of rain and evenings sipping local ale in a countryside pub when not fishing, then perhaps Hampshire in England is worth considering. Itchen and the Test Rivers are less than one hour from London. The Test River is featured in the novel “Watership Down”, and the Itchen River has been associated with Ancasta, the Celtic goddess. They contain trout and Atlantic salmon. Given that the rivers are located on private property, you have to pay to use the facilities, however the cost is reasonable. More information:

Scoping for fresh water fish.

Patagonia, Argentina

Straddling Argentina and Chile at the southernmost tip of South America, Patagonia contains some of the most dramatic mountains and landscapes on Earth. Because of isolation and harsh weather, it has few tourists, and the main attractions are backpackers themselves! Glacier viewing from cruise ships, staying at guest ranches, and dining in its many fine restaurants tends to attract the budget traveller to this region. There is another group though that seem to love this beautiful area and it is not hard to understand why fishing lovers flock to these parts. This is one of the best places in the world for dry fly trout fishing in its countless rivers. Fishing season runs from early November to May (late spring to autumn; winter in Patagonia is very harsh).

There are many other great places in these countries, and others, to take a fishing holiday or vacation, whilst you can experience the local culture, as well as what the particular region has to offer. While these five are the best, they are merely only a good place to start.

Shore and Long Distance casting

Floriday Keys, USA

Florida is one of my favourite places for deep  sea fishing and makes for a fantastic combo in terms of location to relax, place to enjoy a cold beer or three and to get some great fishing done. The coast around Key West is especially good with plenty of opportunities to come across barracuda, shark, tuna and marlin, to name but a few fish. I have fished all over the world and whilst I can handle the colder places, I simply love visiting the Florida Keys whenever I have the chance for fishing. If you get any spare time after your fishing trip, make sure also to pop up to Fort Lauderdale just above Miami, one of my favourite holiday spots.

Costa Rica

A place I have only managed to get to once for fishing, this again is one of those exotic locations which also combines as an outstanding place for fishing. The range of fish you can catch is vast and includes snapper, rainbow bass, tarpon, wahoo, sailfish and marlin. The country bordered by the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean this makes for varied options and opportunities. You can view what i consider a very useful fishing chart here.

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