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5 of the World’s Top Skiing Destinations

Ski run in Colorado

If you like skiing, you know what it’s like to travel across the world for the perfect ski holiday. It’s one of those things that just make sense: no two tracks are the same, so why would you stay at just one resort when you can go to all of them? Whether you love the thrill of a vertical drop, you’re looking for a relaxing scenic route, or you just love a damn great run, there’s a slope for you in these top skiing destinations around the world.

Girdwood, Alaska

You wouldn’t think that this was in North America at all – in fact, you might trick yourself into thinking that you’re in the Alps with the alpine scenery, clear of trees and crowds. Girdwood is, to understate it, extremely well serviced. There are ski lifts, magic carpets, and trams that go to the tops. The environment is laid back, so you can take your time to enjoy your ski holiday here.

Whistler Black Comb, British Columbia

Experienced skiers inadvertently feel their hearts start to race when they hear these three words: Whistler Black Comb. That’s because this destination offers the biggest vertical drop in North America. That’s only just one of the many reasons that it’s been touted as one of the world’s best ski destinations. Expect international stores, cafes, and restaurants to greet you at Whistler Black Comb for a great experience after you ski.

Niseko, Japan

With the steepest incline being thirty five degrees, Niseko isn’t exactly known for its steep drops. Instead, it is known for its great runs and freshly powdered tracks. On this particular leg of your ski holiday, you can expect lifts that come regularly. When you’re ready to relax after a long day of skiing, head down to Hokkaido and visit its sprawling parks and flower gardens.

Wanaka, New Zealand

What Wanaka lacks in powder it makes up in picturesque scenery. Expect to come here whether you are an expert or beginner, as there are runs that accommodate both. After you’ve skied to your heart’s content, swing by to Christchurch or Dunedin and enjoy some local entertainment and culture.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Though Gstaad and St. Moritz are much more popular than Zermatt, all being in the same area, with five star hotels in the former and simply more visitors in the latter, Zermatt is undeniably the best skiing resort. It has the word’s second highest slope to be serviced by a ski lift; this altitude also gets plenty of snowfall. You won’t be disturbed from admiring its picturesque scenery because it is car free. Zermatt is also the home of clashes between modern and older times: here, you’ll see cobbled streets and centuries-old barns standing next to luxurious modern hotels. Learn more about Zermatt.


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