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Best Places for Cross Country Skiing Holidays

Cold of winter

Many of us have tried downhill skiing at some point whilst abroad on holiday, but far fewer people have participated in cross country skiing – a sport and pastime which is tremendous as a form of fitness and which offers challenges of its own. If you want to try something new, you might be interested in these locations

Tyrol, Austria

Austria is famed for its skiing and Tyrol is perhaps the best place in the country to enjoy cross country skiing, swooping between the mountains and forests whilst taking in the magnificent scenery. Incredibly, there are around 4,000KM of open countryside to explore ranging from flat, easier terrain to steeper, more challenging terrain. If you are unsure which route to take you can follow one of the approved trails which will ensure that you remain in areas which suit your skill set.

Tremblant, Canada

This area is regarded as one of the best for cross country skiing in North America and is highly recommended by ski holiday providers. Tremblant is a small village on the east coast of Canada which sits at the mountain of Mount Tremblant. It is a quiet and pleasant village, but the mountain offers some superbly challenging courses which are not for the faint hearted. There are, of course, courses which are more suitable for novice skiers who can enjoy manoeuvring between the trees in luscious snow. One of the advantages of staying in this area is the great French cuisine.

Norway Highlands

Norway has various ski ranges around the country, but the highlands are considered the best place to partake in cross country skiing. Cross country skiing is something of a way of life in many areas given the weather and the difficulties getting around, so going there will provide you with a truly authentic experience. If you enjoy small villages with family run hotels the Norway Highlands are perfect for you. There are also various English speaking ski schools around the area.

Lapland, Finland

Lapland is not only famous for being the residential area of Santa Claus, it is also a high quality cross country skiing destination. Whilst you are unlikely to see elves walking to work in the morning, you are guaranteed to meet hundreds of skiers of varying skill levels, especially as cross country skiing is one of Lapland’s main tourist attractions. Of course, if you have a young family then Christmas time is a great time to visit to enjoy the festivities and meet the big man himself.

Lake Tahoe, USA

There are a number of distinct trails in this area, including those which take in the impressive views of the lake itself from high vantage points and those which spread out far and wide into the USA’s largest condensed cross country skiing area.

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