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If you have money in abundance and if you are happy yo buy tickets for major sports events at premium prices then the information below is maybe not for you. Many ticket agencies can provide you with a very good package such as with Thomas Cook Sports. If on the other hand you are looking to get genuine sports tickets are face value then the following is the way to get tickets for some of the events I have been to and hope to attend also in the future. These ways below use the official sellers i.e. the actual event sites.

Tips and Advice

  1. Timing – One of the most important things when trying to get for the major events is timing. You need to get onto the subscriber list early for many events, with tickets often going on sale the year before hand, although sometimes you need to and can only apply a few months in advance.
  2. Credit card – You will normally need to give your credit card details when applying. If you are successful then the money is normally taken from the credit card you give when applying. Make sure the credit card will still be valid for the dates when the ballot is closed and ticket allocations made.
  3. Club Membership – You will have a better chance of getting tickets for events such as the rugby World Cup if you are a member of a local rugby club. A certain percentage of tickets are allocated for local and regional clubs.

Specific Events

The information below details the ways to get tickets for specific sports events. I will update the information every few months.

Rugby World Cup 2015

The next rugby world cup takes place in England (and Wales) in 2015 at various stadiums in the UK including Twickenham (near London), the Millennium Stadium (in Cardiff, Wales), Manchester, Brighton and Newcastle. Tickets go on general sale in September 2014. You need to be on the mailing list via the official site. Sign up here.

Euro 2016 Football

Tickets for the Euro 2016 tournament  go on sale in the spring of 2015 for the matches which will all take place in France. You can sign up via the official UEFA website to get tickets when they go on sale.

Rio 2016 Olympics

No tickets information is presently available for the much anticipiated summer Olympics which will take place in Rio in 2016. In the meantime though, you can register for updates n the official website and tickets information which be available in the coming months. Sign up via

NFL American Football (in London, England)

If you want to attend one of the annual NFL games which now seem to take place every winter at Wembley Stadium in London, the tickets are normally sold directly through Ticketmaster have a dedicated NFL area on their site will full tickets information.

British F1 Grand Prix 2015

You can already buy tickets for the 2015 British F1 direct from the Silverstone circuit. Just go to their site to reserve all classes of ticket. For tickets for the other F1 grand prix’s you can find tickets for all venues through the official F1 site, although each race circuit tends also to sell tickets direct. A few of the main tracks – Belgium Spa circuit tickets, Monza (Italy) F1 and the Melbourne grand prix in Australia.

2018 Football World Cup in Russia

After the success of the 2014 Brazil World Cup, all eyes turn to the 2018 world cup in Russia. There are some who have recently been calling for the boycott fo the world cup in Russia but it is extremely likely that the event will continue to be planned in Russia and to be in line for tickets for the matches, you need to sign up and be registered on the official FIFA website for the 2018 World Cup. No tickets information is as yet available.

Grand National, Aintree (Horse Racing)

One of the most popular horse races in the world is the ‘Grand National’ at Aintree racecourse in Liverpool is the highlight of the jump season for many. You can get tickets direct from the racecourse via:

Wimbledon Tennis Championships

It can be very competitive trying to get tickets for the tennis at Wimbledon for the championships which take place every summer, usually in June or July. The best way to go about getting tickets is direct via the official Wimbledon site. There are different ways to get tickets and these start with the ballot which takes place early on, then through the the general sale or by queuing and hoping for the best on the day.