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The Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro

maracana stadium

If you asked people to compile a list of the most famous and influential stadiums in world, it is likely that most of them would include the Maracana stadium in Rio, Brazil. The stadium has hosted some of the most memorable moments in football history as well as being the home for the most successful and entertaining football nation in the world.

Having been built in 1950 for the football world cup, the stadium recorded huge crowds, including one which recorded an attendance of just short of 200,000. As the years went on the stadium began to be used for other sports and eventually various different events such as concerts.

The Maracana stadium was converted into an all seater stadium to meet evolving stadium requirements, and at the latest count the stadium can accommodate around 82,500 people. In 2011 the stadium went through further renovation work to modernise all aspects to ensure that it is suitable to host the vast number of significant events that the city will host in the coming years. These events include the Olympics and the football World Cup.

The Maracana Stadium has survived controversies such as when one of the stands collapsed. With the stadum being registered as a national landmark, it has avoided being taken down and now once again is a proud attractions and venue for major sporting events. The stadium has developed significantly since the days of these events and, despite the fact that the capacity of the stadium has more than halved since it was inaugurated, it is still the largest stadium in Brazil and South America as a whole. This stadium has a large future as a venue of huge international events.

Official website: Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.

Behind-the-Scenes Stadium Tour

If you are visiting Rio, the Maracana Stadium tour is a must see. The tour includes the chance to:

  • See the ball which Pele scored his 1000th goal with.
  • Collection and return to/from your hotel in Rio
  • Tour guide


Peles ball

The ball which Pele scored his 100th goal with – see the ball whilst on the stadium tour.

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