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5 Great Places for Snowmobiling Holidays

Snowboarding in USA

As with any winter adventure, make sure you have adequate insurance coverage for snowmobiling, and then begin planning your journey. The following sites are worth a look when comparing places to go on your travel map.

Revelstoke, B.C.

This mountain resort area offers tours lasting two hours or a full day depending on your level of snowmobile enthusiasm to see the Columbia Mountains. Different hotels and resorts offer snowmobile packages for you to compare, and you might consider a day of skiing if you enjoy the sport. Revelstoke wins acclaim from many reviewers for its excellence in winter recreation.


The state is big, desolate and snowy in the winter, perfect for riding out on snowmobiles to explore by yourself or with a guide. Jackson Hole promotes itself with various snowmobile vacation packages, and the town could be your base camp before you go off to discover the wintry beauty of Yellowstone National Park. This is a wildlife paradise even in the dead of winter.

Norway/Finland/Sweden Combination Tour

Online tour sites can put together a week-long vacation package for you where you can ride to your heart’s content through these countries. The main attraction on these excursions is the relative peace and lack of other people on the trails. You may spy some reindeer or moose as you make your way into forests. There also is the chance to get spectacular views of the Northern Lights at night.


A four-day tour on a VIP snow safari provides you with wilderness guides and instructors to teach you expert navigating tips. You may find yourself going over frozen lakes and reaching spots otherwise unattainable by other modes of travel. For these types of snow safari excursions, the guides usually insist that you are in good physical condition to withstand the rugged terrain and climate.

Ontario, B.C.

Just enter “Ontario” and “snowmobiling” in an online search and you will discover this area’s tourism mainstay. Many vacation packages combine ice fishing with snowmobile trips. You also might choose to park your snowmobile one day and go natural with a dog sledding team for an entirely different but still exhilarating adventure.

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