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Vasco da Gama football club, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most football busy cities in the world, and one of the many clubs in the city is Vasco da Gama. This is an old and historic football club which has a long standing association with Portuguese population of Rio, something which stems back to the fact that the overall sports club of Vasco Da Gama was founded by Portuguese immigrants to the city. The modern day Vasco Da Gama is still the club of choice for the majority of Portuguese immigrants in the Rio.

The home stadium of Vasco Da Gama, the São Januário, holds 25,000 people and is the third largest stadium in the Rio. The club regularly sells the vast majority of its tickets, and indeed, for certain events, such as local derbies, the club make use of the national stadium, the Maracana, which is also in Rio and holds up to 80,000 people.

Vasco Gama player

The traditional colours of Vasco Da Gama are black and white, with the religious belief of the founding members, the players and the fans represented by a red cross on the shirt. The club is one of the most comprehensively Brazilian sides in the league, with only two of the current players hailing from outside of Brazil.

Despite being one of the longest standing clubs in Brazilian football, Vasco Da Gama has experienced relatively modest success in terms of league championships, and only sporadic victories in the Rio State Championships. It was only recently that Vasco Da Gama played in the second tier of Brazilian football, but quickly returned to the top tier having won the league.

Official Website: Vasco da Gama football.

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Vasco da Gama football on Video

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